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A Christmas Poem

I was told to write a Christmas poem
Something to celebrate the season
A poem to say what Christmas meant
To write down what Christmas was supposed to represent
All the other kids set pen to paper
But I wasn’t sure what to do
Christmas was just a holiday
What is there to write?
I could write of what I wanted
But that didn’t seem just right
I could right of what my family does
But those words just didn’t seem to fit
So I sat and I stared
That paper was mocking me
What was I to write?
How was I to know what Christmas was
Nobody had told me
Isn’t it a season for gifts
But I wrote that down and the teacher didn’t like it
She said I needed more
So what do I write
Everybody else turned their papers in
And mine was still so empty
The teacher said to bring it tomorrow
So I asked my mom what Christmas meant
She ruffled my hair, gave me a cookie and said
“Little Johnny Christmas can mean whatever you choose.”
I could make no poem out of that!
So I asked and asked and still no one knew
The teacher did not like my blank paper
I had to sit and think she said
But how could I write what Christmas meant!
Then little Susie Lu
Well she tapped me on the shoulder
Pointed to the manger scene
Her words were so matter of fact I just had to write them down
“Christmas is Jesus’ birthday silly
And it means we should all be glad
Even if there are no presents cause Santa doesn’t come around
Jesus came
And he gave us each a gift
My Christmas means we can all be happy.”
Those words had no poetic rhyme
They didn’t even come with bows
It was blunt and rather crude
But they just seemed so right
And so I wrote this Christmas poem
Cause after all isn’t that what Christmas means?
To be happy and to smile
Even when things aren’t looking up

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